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What she shares:

Stephanie is skillfully able to develop topical messages on engaging and relevant themes, or preach from a selected passage of Scripture to meet the needs of your specific event. She has additional insight and personal wisdom in the areas of:

  • Exploring the Theology of Suffering

  • Living with Disability & Chronic Illness

  • Miscarriage, Loss, and Grief

  • An Adoptee’s Perspective on Adoption

  • Embracing Hope While Living with C-PTSD

  • The Intersections of Justice and Mercy as a Survivor of Abuse & Sexual Assault

  • Parenting a Child with Special Needs

  • Diversity as a Key Element of God’s Design for the Body of Christ

  • Radical Authenticity in a Filtered Social Media World

What People Are Saying:

“Stephanie Tait has been the most influential speaker in our chapels. She speaks on real and relevant struggles that anyone could relate to. She has given me a new perspective on my faith and wisdom that I can easily apply to my own life.”

- Olivia C.

“Stephanie was vulnerable, convicting, and encouraging. Her message was relevant but still deeply rooted in scripture. I felt understood but also equally challenged when she spoke.”

- Laura Y.

“I don’t know how you do it, but I ended up laughing almost as much as I cried. Here you are sharing some super painful stuff, and somehow we also ended up laughing like this was a comedy show”

- Anonymous Attendee Feedback Form

“You restored the faith I had and lost. Whenever I’m disheartened you seem to pop up in my feed with a beautiful thoughtful insight and a lesson for everyone. You’re a gift from God.”

- Reader Email

“Stephanie is relatable and professional, with thoughtfully prepared sermons chock full of scriptural nuggets and hilarious but insightful stories. Whatever the topic, I know I can depend on her to deliver.” 

- Ministry Director


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